Our core features

Executive & Group Coaching

Coach teams to achieve goals in a short time frame and in pressurized work environments

Change Management

Develop strategies for implementation of change and learn to keep focus and consistency

Motivational Seminar’s

A 90-minute power- packed inspirational experience presented by the renowned inspirational speaker- Alvin Govender.

Courses on offer

The science and secrets of effective selling

How much support does your sales teams have? Awakening has researched simple and powerful techniques to get your sales team more positive and driven to achieve their goals. Customer support and excellence is another focus area in this training

Employee Wellness Courses

Awakening is big on wellness and we spend a lot of energy researching tools and techniques to create a healthier and happier workforce. We partner with leading wellness organisations to make it easier for your team to have access to our courses. Stress management, work-life balance and resilience training are the most popular seminars in 2017

Change management support

Going through big change is not an easy journey for any team. Awakening ensures that your change team and managers has the right knowledge, skills and support to assist employees through the emotional and physical challenges that lie ahead. We assist in planning, training and coaching from start to finish. Big change needs big support and we have the tools to support you.

Emotional Intelligence

In 2016 and 2017 this was our most popular course and our clients have called this the best training experience they have had. Packed with inspirational tools, teambuilding activities and self-awareness toolkits. This gives your team the opportunity to work on themselves and overcome weaknesses.

Leadership Seminars

Awakening conducts seminars for your managers, team leads and supervisors ensuring that they have the right skills and knowledge to support the teams and take the organisation forward. We focus on the feeling of inspiration and confidence as the tools are shared.

Peak performance coaching

An executive coaching course focusing on strengthening your leadership skills and achieving peak performance in 100 days. Awakening has helped many companies so far with this unique coaching course.


“My company has seen a significant growth in a short period of time just by following the tools and using Alvin as our coach.

The 7-week course has been magic for us and will commit to this year for our team. Strongly recommended.”

Business Owner

“Course is brilliant and highly recommended for any leader looking to take life higher.”

Standard Bank Team Leader

“This has been a life changing experience and the best investment we have ever made”

SANBS Senior Manager


Awakening Leadership

Awakening Leadership offers executive coaching and motivational courses that are designed to give individuals and organizations the tools and inspiration needed to reach their highest potential.

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