Meet The Director

Alvin Govender is a renowned inspirational speaker, accredited coach and leadership trainer. He has vast experience working with various organisations as a leadership facilitator and consultant. Now being recognized as leading motivational speaker and peak performance coach nationally, presenting at various corporate events and conferences.

He has worked with large corporate companies as a change consultant and leadership trainer for the last 8 years – assisting managers, leaders and employees deal with challenges, manage stress and processes effectively, developing peak performance strategies.

His success as a speaker and coach came from his creative presentation styles, humour and always finding the best ways of making people feel uplifted and energised.

“ This is not just another inspirational talk. This was a life-changing experience.” Nedbank Leadership Seminars 2016

The Awakening Experience by Alvin Govender

When I got into coaching and public speaking I felt that there was a lot more that could be done and shared to all people. I myself came from a very dark of depression, low confidence, and always being the one that never had anything work out the way I wanted. I got into studying leadership and success principle’s to put my own life in order and not to teach others anything. Over the years of study I came across the most positive and powerful people that had special gifts. They were speakers, authors, businessmen, athletes etc. I learnt from them. More important, I wanted to be someone like that – that wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. There were a few things that separated these people from the rest. It was not because they were blessed more than others. It was because they knew how to use the gifts that we all have. So my one question was why couldn’t I be a peak performer also? Are only a select few meant for greatness while the rest of us are created to suffer and remain lost? What are these laws and habits and behaviours- that if I lived them I too could enjoy a more happier life?

I started to learn how to think more effectively and live differently. I stated to take control of life by making lasting changes. As I shifted my life I naturally became a speaker and had this desire to show people how they also can become peak performers and simply just be happy in this moment. I developed a passion to share these messages with the world.

Awakening is about adding value to the lives of people and organisations by making Values the core of who we are. These messages have already spread across the country to many organisations because we have made the courses relevant and inspirational. We have to change the way we live and do things if we want to experience something different. A newer happier way of living is possible. You have all that you search for. You can be happy as you are right now. Do not be afraid to change, try new things and think differently. There is nothing I am truly going to teach you. I am just going to remind you of the power you have already.

This is not motivation, this is Truth. This is why I created Awakening.